Be Sure with TickSURE!

TickSURE! Sample Collection Kit – $9.99

  • Contains everything you need to remove a tick and send it back to our lab for testing including online registration and prepaid shipping envelope.
  • Using our TickSURE kit to register and send your next tick back to our lab entitles you to discounted Relevant Test pricing the next time you need a tick tested.
  • A hassle free way to get a tick tested with easy online registration and prepaid shipping. If you are a frequent hiker, picnicker or camper, our TickSURE kit is for you!

*We do not test for STARI nor do we test for other extremely rare tick-borne diseases where there is no accepted method for testing.

**Find multiple ticks on a person or pet at the same time?  No problem!  We will test up to 5 ticks found on the same person or pet for the same price.

NJ Labs is not a medical facility and our tests are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease because our testing is performed on the tick, not the pet or person. You should consult with a doctor or a vet to obtain proper diagnosis and/or treatment. Further, you understand that testing of ticks for potential tick-borne pathogens is a destructive process and that your tick specimen cannot be saved or sent to another lab once testing has been initiated.