Be Sure with TickSURE!

TickSURE! Prepaid Tick Test Kit – $89.99:

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Tick SURE! is the easy to use prepaid test for all the common tickborne pathogens – not just Lyme! Did you know that Lyme Disease is only carried by deer ticks? Yet other tick species carry other tickborne pathogens ranging from Rickettsiosis (spotted fevers) and Babesiosis (malaria-like parasites) to Ehrlichiosis which are potential breathing and blood disorders. Tick SURE! will identify your tick and test for all the common tickborne pathogens, not just Lyme – important information to aid your vet or doctor. This prepaid test kit includes everything you need including: Eliminates in-person lab visits Tests for Lyme Disease Also tests for the most common tickborne diseases FREE SHIPPING with easy postage-paid return envelope Easy online kit registration Above all, no hidden fees or extra testing costs So when you find a tick on your pet or loved one, be SURE you know the bug that bit you! Be SURE with Tick SURE!

  • Everything you need for hassle-free tick testing with postage-paid return envelope & FREE SHIPPING included!
  • Tests for all the most common tickborne pathogens including Lyme.
  • Can be used for a tick found on a pet or even a human too!
  • No in-person lab visits.
  • Easy online registration.
  • No hidden fees or extra testing costs, everything is included!
  • Easy to include with First Aid kits on hiking or camping trips.

We do not test for STARI nor do we test for other extremely rare tick-borne diseases where there is no accepted method for testing.

NJ Labs is not a medical facility and our tests are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease because our testing is performed on the tick, not the pet or person. You should consult with a doctor or a vet to obtain proper diagnosis and/or treatment. Further, you understand that testing of ticks for potential tick-borne pathogens is a destructive process and that your tick specimen cannot be saved or sent to another lab once testing has been initiated.

We accept all major credit cards. We also accept checks. Please make the check out to “New Jersey Laboratories”.

New Jersey Laboratories has a no questions asked refund policy which means that you can cancel the test and obtain a full Refund any time before testing has begun on your tick specimen sample, no questions asked. Refunds are not possible after testing has begun on your tick specimen sample because testing of ticks to extract DNA is a destructive process. The tick specimen cannot be saved or sent to another lab once testing has been initiated.

1. Place tick specimen in provided resealable bag moistening cotton base inside bag with a few drops of water. 2. Register your tick test online which must include the kit registration number.

3. Print your full name and phone number on the provided card and place this card along with your tick specimen in the self-addressed stamped envelope and send!